Fiat 500 Sport


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Year Built2010


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The Fiat 500 Sport is 3446mm in length, 1627mm wide, has an overall height of 1488 mm, and its ground clearance is N/Amm. With a kerb weight of N/A kg, the car can seat 4 persons comfortably. Fiat 500 Sport engine can run at a maximum power of 76PS 4000rpm (PSrpm) and a maximum torque of 145Nm 1500rpm (kgmrpm). When it comes to mileage, it delivers 17 km/liter under optimal road conditions, while on city roads it offers 12.5 km/liter. The highest speed attained by this car is 165Km/Hour km/hour.

Some prominent features of this car include Power Steering,Power Windows,Air Conditioner,Tubeless Tyres,Folding Rear-Seat,Child Safety Locks and Central Locking.

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Makes: Fiat, Fiat - Bravo, Fiat 500, Fiat Grande Punto, and Fiat Palio.Vehicle Tags: Tag1.

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